"every Honor Society fan is the sexiest girl we've ever seen...but ya'll might be trouble"

we were so loved for dressing up. got loved on from the stage by aaron and sunderland and honor society had already loved on us from an open window in the back when they busted us changing into the costumes.

Soooo, this happened at the Honor Society concert…


yep, Christina and I dressed up as Santa and Santa’s Little Helper for the show and yep we were front row and yep other fans, security, Aaron Camper, Makana, Katelyn, and Sunderland were quite enthusiastic about the idea.

the diesel was definitely my favorite venue on the WYA tour. let’s just go back.

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Anonymous: That Andy picture of him pointing at one of their shows is mine, if you could credit Caitlin Clark, that would be greatly appreciated : )

I put the link to the original photo in the source and the click through, but sure.



McRoss the slimmest boss like dental floss

every.single Honor Society fan better reblog this.

Mick Ross.

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if this picture was from the show that I think it was, that was the most embarrassing night of my life. haha

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if this picture was from the show that I think it was, that was the most embarrassing night of my life. haha

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NJ Music News: Honor society tour w/ The trace and Hollywood Ending →


First 6 dates

Nov. 29, 2011 — Teaneck, NJ - Mexicali Live On Sale: Saturday, Oct. 29 Ticket Link:

Nov. 30, 2011 — New York City, NY - Marlin Room @ Webster Hall On Sale: Saturday, Oct. 29 Ticket Link:

Dec. 4, 2011 — Philadelphia, PA - The Note On…

hollywood ending?! why are we touring with 6 year olds???

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Alright Guys, here is the video. Let Me Know what you think.
THANKS TO ALL OF YOU for the submissions and helping me out with this.
Our Next Mission: Sending it to the Gents. <3 I want this to be from everyone.
I love you guys!